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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Life and its journey and stage

In one country, there is an initial point till the end point called LIFE.

Life is a journey from the initial point to our end final destination

Life is a stage of performance

Journey in the life requires cost of transportation or none,

We can go there by walking, no need to pay.

We can even go there by car but need to acquire some costs, but of course we can
arrive early but have to pay for petrol, soon have to give out some money to service it, and most important, monthly bill!

However…… the journey to the destination has made some stories that we act on its stage..

Many characters had been brought up to enliven the show…..some will cherish people, after some time may hurt people, even worst will be hated by some group of people….

But as long as we follow the “Director’s” guidelines, who are they to judge our performance?
Will you sigh the tiredness of walking if there is always a “Knowledgeable Director” be ready to lead us on His own Stage?

Kata Pujangga

Seni BukaN MimPi TapI KarYa DaLaM ErTi..Sepi BukaN BunYi TaPi LangKaH DaLaM SunYi..Sunyi BukaN MaTi TapI BicaRa DaLaM HaTi..