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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mama is Back~~

SalaM Again~~~ XD

Just a short post... Mama is back from hospital few days back...alhamdulillah.... I'm Very happY!!! the home w/out her is very very very dull......:/

Now Our Home is Shining Back~~ Pray For Her Healthiness yea :)

His DreaM

SaLam Dear Blog~~~

Hey~~ Yesterday I've come to my bro punya function.......what function?.... :D upacara perlantikkan kadet2 pegawai askar baru, well not dat banar2 as in bnr2 dpt dah, they have to do OCS (i donno what does it stand for) XD , for monthsss,

well this is one of my bro's dreams, impiannya dr dulu kn jd tentera laut...RAGETTTTT UNIFORMNYA!!!! wawawa melting bh meliat drg ah~ehem~~ XD huk huk hahahha apaaakan~~ XD

and a bit touching jua mliat drg tu, hahah jiwa patriotik kunun XD

n we r nt gonna have the chance to talk wiv him for this 6 weeks psl atu their procedure :/ unless ada smtg really2 emergency baru tah dpt...

hahha goodluck bro~~ XD

well some pix.....

Love From sis To bro~~~

Alai Nana~~