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Monday, 18 July 2011

I am one of the Brunei Housing & PopulaTion Census Team! :D

SaLam again~~~ :DDD

Before i forgot to mention, one of the important things that unexpectedly happend in this year 2011 is i am being one of Brunei Housing & Population Census Team!!! Proudly saying!!! hehehee :DDD

Tempoh mem'Banci' is abt 2weeks and within that 2weeks was a very tough one honestly speaking ! Membanci is not a very easy saying task after all ==' , smpy tbwa2 ke mimpi bh, yg penting makan nda lalu,tdur nda lena lehnya wakakkakakkaa XD oba~~ tp awu..... it is a very serious and heavy AMANAH yg tani pikul..... we have to face different type of attitudes, penerimaan masyarakat nada yg sama, ada yg bagi kerjasama alhamdulillah, ada yg mcm hesitate atu apa bleh buat, alum g rumah yg bekuyuk yg mengganas ==' ish ish ish, tp yeta namanya dugaan ryt :) the road to success is never straight after all ryt :DDD

Ehmm but yea seriously that 2weeks really gave me an extraordinary experience in this life and i really appreciate it :D , i can share this experience to my generation nnt at least!! hahahhaha ceyyaahh odah ya :PPPP

And Alhamdulillah it's over dah :) hopefully it goes well , im very proud to be in this team ,especially to my SV yg very systematic :D

Gambar bwh ani yg smpt ku culik dr folder FB JPKE hehehehe ane msa kami taklimat Banci d UBD, it took 3days, and ane msa last day upacara perasmian n mengangkat sumpah :DD, saja menyamak mnta gmbr XDDD, drg nad n nijah nada~~~:PPPP

"MakLumaT TepaT Perancangan ManTap"!