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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Class oF 2010


Alhamdulillah.... Finally Today 30th September 2010 is My Graduation Day!!! Tahun ane jua special pasal UBD celebrate its 25th anniversary!!! Weeheeee!!! We End Our Degreee When SepTember Ends @ UBD Chancellor Hall!!! XDDD BuT This is The sTarT Of My New Life As A UBD Graduate! Banyak lagi yg menunggu Di hadapan!! ceyyaah ! :D

BuT This Achievement means nothing w/out support from family and friends :). LeT Me JusT "Flash Back" where did I first get my education! Tapi tataplah didikan pertama dari rumah rite~~ I would like to thanks to my parents yang dari damit dah dgn gigih kan mau anak2nya bepelajaran .... i know it's not an easy task for them kan menjaga anak2nya yg ramai 17 org but They Really Made it!!!!! Congratulations !! :') . Apa jua usaha tani kn mbalas jasa indung, tani nda akan dapat mbayar balik sumbangan susah payah drg mnjaga tani tapi at least what we can do we have to try to make them to be happy :)

Primary Level (Sek.Ren.Sg.Kebun)(7 years):
right! 1st formal education!! hahahaha i thought schooling was a nightmare!!! biasa, 1st day of school, menangis tarau2!!!!! like ku bayangkan skulah ane mcm spital ada duktur jahat menginjik wakakkakaka kanak2 tah jua bnr, tapi apa kena mengena skulah ngan spital anyway XDDD lain imaginasi kanak2 ne XDD or it's jz me XD, i dun even want my bapa to go home! hehhehehe. BuT yea days after days, tebiasa lah jua nda g nangis, hahahha labih jua ah XD Thanks to my cigu darjah pra yg mampu mbuatkan ku minat bljr haha ceyyyaah XD.
After darjah pra, naik darjah 1,2,3,4,5,6!!! XDDD Now another stage!

Secondary Level!(Sek.Men.Awg.Semaun) (5 years):

Here i had my lower and upper secondary education! :D Ane biasalah mula2 pun pyh sikitkan membiasakan diri wiv new environment, new friends, new teachers, new and new and new XD but yea again, I managed it! ahhahha apakan XD but yea yetah this is how we face the process in life isnt it, tanpa tani sedari this is how we became mature~~ :D . one big examination!! O level!!!! phewwwwwww gilerrr tough one!!! Honestly, i havent seen where my future will go at this level XDD psl pyh bah!!! ahhahahha!! XD, then when the result came out, haha alhamdulillah survive jua :DD , but shud we stop here? NOOOOO!!! haha

High School (MakTab DuLi P.M.A.M.B : 2004-2005)

Weeheeeeeee Again!! New Environment!New Friends!New Teachers!!! Phew i think dsini lah dat really changed my life, but but i think maybe, i just feel that kalau ku nda masuk ostel, i wont be like this today kali :) , d md bnyk mengajar diriku erti kehidupan, ceyyyaahhhh hahaha but yea again this is another process in life! :D , wuhhhh exam is never been dat easy!!!! haha A Level???? MEMBUNUH!!! hahahahhaa ane banar banarrrrr i dun think dat i will survive!!!! hahahaha, tapi again , Alhamdulillah, my rezqi from Allah :) , dapat jua!!! XDD

Ijazah Sarjana Muda!(2006-2010)(Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

Ngaaaaaaaaaaaaa Again Everything is new!! ahahhahahha but yea some friends masihlah maintain hehehe coz bnyknya dr high school geng lah jua :DD. but Phewww awal2 it's not that easy!!! Assignment menimbun, alum biasa cana kan buat reference thingy, presentations! research! phewww tough tough hahaa but yea........ this is what it takes to get degree! so JusT Do It!!!! XDD , 4 years in UBD really2 meninggalkan banyak kenangan, pengajaran ,dugaan, sedih,tawa, suka, duka, stress, downs,ups, loves,hates , BUT BUT This is what we really need to complete our ingredients of life , right?? :) but of course we learn from those :). Ive become one of students council members jua where i learned so many things from it, and so on.

Here jua, one of dugaan paling bsr jua is..... My dad passed away during my second year...:') , it's not an easy period for me honestly but yea Allah loves him more, atu yg terbaik untuknya rather than saw him in pain >.< .....

but apa yg terkilan sikit....about today's convocation.. tipu lah klw tadi tym konvo atu i didnt feel sad tkanang bapa.... this is the event yang ea tunggu2, yg ea mau attend , im the final one in the family for him to see with this achievement..... tapi yea Allah knows better ..... *Al fatihah.... I miss you bapa.... >.<.. if only u were here and see me: "Pa~Ku Dapat Degree dah!! :')"* , i know i shud be strong , at least mama can still see my achievement :) , Unlimited Thanks To Mama n AllahYarham Haji Julay (Bapa) yang susah payah menjaga dari damit smpy bsr cani and i still need them ... :')

WhaTever it is, Thanks To My Mama, Bapa, Siblings (All Seven's 7) , Friends, Teachers from primary up till university , smua every single person in my life did change my perception in life and make my life colourful!!!!

To Class 2010!! Happy GraduaTion!!!! Congratz!!! Alhamdulillah We Made It!!!!! weheeeeeee!!!!

Thanks To My Bros n Sis yang attend majlis tadi pagi :) Hugsssss and Lovessss

Tonnes Of Loves,
Graduate 2010 @ Alumni @ Ba.Education Degree Holder (Major in Economics Minor In Mathematics)