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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tragedi 4hb OkTober

sALam All!

Yea I have to skip some posts that shud come earlier than this post hehe biar tia dulu

This post i wanna dedicate it to my ONE AND ONLY so-called "soul-mate" Raihan Nokman !! yg dpt scholarship mnyambung masternya di UK , wish her all the best, i want u to come back wiv your master with honours!! I'm happy for you tapi ku rindu ko dah :'( you are like a sister to me, ehm i shud say YOU ARE my sister hehenda apa staun jua saja right SETAHUN saja tapi baru jua bbrapa ari, kecarian th ku dah >.< cana ni huhuhuhu

. This is gonna be the longest time period tani nda jmpa O.o since ...

since 2004 at HGO MakTab DuLi..... remember?... :') seriously i never regret my decision at that time to stay in the hostel! because i met you!!! woho sweet much?? :P *ambil tisu han~~* XD ....

since 2004 paling2 tani nda jmpa pun tym cuti sj kali, tp nda jua eh, haha, den after abis MD, sambung UBD, masih jua sama2 .... plus 4 years dat totals up 6 years, sama2 TA, sama2 TP , sama2 apa g? too many COMMON DIFFERENCE yea? hehehehe rite and plus 2011..... it's been 7+ years......

7 years full of joys
7 years full of cares
7 years full of loves

*bah jan tah lalai, ambil tia tisu ah,tuala kah XDDD*

I dont think life would be this much fun and strong w/out you *seriously* :')

ehmm...... seriously ku rasa something is missing beh!! huhuhu how diiiz :'( tapi i will always pray for your success dsana, do your very best! do not give up!!! if u fall down, get back up!!

I hope both of us will show SOMETHING after one year k??? :')

Thanks for always be here for me for this 7+ years together in a ship called Friendship in the sea called Life wiTh all big waves called TesTs...... :)

Takkan Namanya Kehidupan Jika Tiada Ujian

Takkan NamanyA Perjuangan Jika Tiada Pengorbanan

Takkan SempurnA Hidup Jika Tiada TemAn

wIth UnLimiTed Loves,
suT , From A sisTer To A sisTer

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